We believe poverty does not define an individual

Our journey began at an orphanage in Western Kenya in March of 2012. After witnessing the hardship of the people and being inspired by their determination and vision, we felt compelled to form an organization that would partner with local leaders of other similar communities in Africa. These partners would be individuals who are already making a change in their community but are also struggling to find ways to be better equipped to make those changes.

Our organization’s foundation is based on respecting the rich culture of the beautiful people of Africa and recognizing that the African cultural and societal frameworks surrounding relationships is key to the success of Just One Africa’s ventures.

Through our bead program, we have created a unique opportunity to empower women. We have partnered with amazing Maasai mamas to provide sustainable income AND a whole lot of clean water for Kenyan communities. With the purchase of one of our recycled paper bracelets, you literally can change the world for someone!
Read more about our bead program.

We will continue to raise awareness, as well as the funds needed to bring sustainable solutions to those affected by the ever-present, very real, clean water crisis. No matter how big the challenge, we have witnessed the impact when an individual chooses to make a difference…Just One person at a time.

Thank you,