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Just One Africa
Show that you are JUST ONE world changer with our beautiful I am One necklaces. These fun necklaces come in a pack of three with one multi or stripe and 2 solid colors. Each pack of necklaces will have a variety of color combinations. Each bead is made of 100% recycled paper and is handcrafted by Masai women.
One paper bead representing 17,000 gallons of clean water is strung on black hemp cord and is approximately 17 inches long. They simply fasten with a loop and a single bead. They are perfect to wear with our paper bracelets! This is the perfect world changing accessory!

How you can make a difference:
  • Each necklace provides 17,000 gallons of clean water.
  • Keep one necklace and give two away and share the story while changing the world.
:: Product Details ::
  • Color: a three pack containing 1 multi or stripe and 2 solid color necklaces
  • Length: approximately 17 inches long
  • Paper Beads: Please note since they are handmade there are variations.

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Type: Necklace
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