Made with Love


Because We Care

Just One Africa offers a collection of fair trade products which are handmade by artisans in Kenya. We support sustainable community development by ensuring these people making our products are paid fair prices which they set. 100% of the proceeds benefit our Clean Water and Sustainability programs in Kenya.

We have created a unique opportunity to empower women, by partnering with amazing Masai mamas to provide sustainable income AND a whole lot of clean water for Kenyan communities. With the purchase of one of our recycled paper bracelets, you literally can change the world for someone!

We thank you for stopping by, and hope that you realize the value in YOU, the value that JUST ONE person has!

Just One Africa Fair Trade Product Life Cycle


When women are empowered to earn an income they reinvest 90% of it back into education, food, children, family, and the community. 


Your purchase creates opportunity for women to write their own story.



    Together, we will create hope, re-write futures and change the world.

    ONE person at a time.