Why We Do What We Do


Just One Africa partners with local leaders to create sustainable solutions for vulnerable children and the clean water crisis.

The heart of Just One is to help orphans and widows lead self-sustaining lives by helping to provide them with the basic necessities of life: food, water, clothing, shelter, education, and hope. These are things that are easily accessible for most of us, but not to many orphans and widows in some parts of the world. Just as importantly, we also strive to provide them with hope — in the midst of what often appear to be hopeless situations.

Just One was birthed out of a visit by the founders to Kenya in 2012.... Clay and Amy Churchill! A mom and a dad who wanted their children to see real change is possible in the world. Our hearts became burdened with a love for Kenya and a compassion for the Kenyan people. We couldn’t just return to our comfortable lives knowing that the people we had met and grown to love were struggling to simply survive. So we thought, "What if?"

Read more of our story at www.justoneafrica.org.