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Just One Africa
Show that you are a JUST ONE world changer with our beautiful signature necklaces. This unique necklace is made up of beads created from 100% recycled paper and is handcrafted by Masai women in Southern Kenya. Your purchase provides sustainable income for these amazing mamas to care for their families as well as 200,000 gallons of clean water. Check out our Clean Water Program. They are perfect to wear with our collection of handmade paper bracelets! This is the perfect world changing accessory!

How you can make a difference:
  • Consider giving our world changing products as a gift for teachers, family, friends, teachers, just because, college and school colors, sports teams, the options are endless and so is the world change!
  • Shop our online store and share our story with your friends and family
  • Consider donating to our cause (option in checkout)
:: Product Details ::
  • Color: a one of a kind limited edition mint necklace created with beautiful round and long skinny paperbeads perfectly set apart with mint glass seed beads
  • Length: approximately 34 inches long, it can be doubled up and worn many different ways
  • Paper Beads: Please note since they are handmade there are variations.

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Type: Necklace
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